The logical development in conferencing –
combining the advantages of face-to-face meetings with those of video conferencing.
Ars Vivendi Memmingen, Hybrid conferencing

What is a hybrid conference?

In a hybrid conference, a group of participants gathers in the conference room to meet face-to-face, while other participants join virtually using video-conferencing technology.

This enables the on-site team and the online participants to interact in as if they are all present. All participants have the opportunity to communicate with the speakers and to access any presentation being shown on the interactive whiteboard.

If desired, the event can be recorded and made available online – again using readily available video-conferencing technology.

How is the hybrid conference room equipped/set up?

  • Stable, high speed internet – via ethernet and Wifi
  • Meeting Owl – a 360° smart video camera/microphone with in-built loudspeaker – experience what it is like here.
  • Interactive Whiteboard (190 x 120 cms)
  • Windows 10 computer with MS Office software

The conference room is set up so that participants are seated in compliance with the social distancing guidelines.

Disinfectant and full face visors are available.

Drinks are available, including coffee, tea, bottled water and bottled fruit juices.

Do I need to be a techno-geek or guru, to get this to work?


Our IT specialist will set up your conference according to your requirements.

We appreciate that there are often difficulties getting a video conference working that first time, so we undertake to ensure that the experience is efficient and trouble-free.