A Business Address at ARS VIVENDI

A cost effective base of operations in Germany, on the border between Bavaria and Baden-Württenburg, two of the most prosperous states in Germany.
A solution for post-Brexit Europe:

Now that Brexit has happened, many British companies are faced with difficult operating conditions.

For many, the changes signify a great increase in complexity and cost in doing business in Europe, with restrictions on

  • moving goods in and out of Europe;
  • hiring staff;
  • limitations on handling personal data of clients and prospects; and
  • the loss of access to European Union funding.

Now is the time to consider establishing a foothold in Europe.  A business address with Ars Vivendi is a painless way of starting your business’ European odyssey – low risk, low cost and high flexibility.


  • Ars Vivendi has developed a reliable network of partners that make getting set up easy, without the cost of expensive mistakes (we’ve all been there before!)
  • No up-front costs or long term commitments
  • Significant experience in the practicalities of setting up and doing business in Germany with Germans, with native English-speaking support and advice.
  • We work with VoIP telephony – allowing you to field call locally (i.e. with a German landline number), even if your back office team is in Basingstoke, Bombay or Boston.
  • Fully compliant with the law in Germany.  A simple postal address in Germany is not sufficient – there must be a physical presence, for example, to handle an impromptu visit from the Customs department.  This is provided by our Reception service.
But I am not British…!!

A Virtual Office at Ars Vivendi is equally useful for any business looking to establish a foothold in Germany or in Europe.

We are within an hour’s drive of Switzerland and Austria, and ideally placed to reach customers anywhere in Southern Germany.

The owner/manager of Ars Vivendi Enterprises (Jonathan Gurney LLB ACA) is heavily involved in helping many businesses establish and operate in Europe (with USA2Europe Limited, now Vistra International Expansion Ltd).  Besides being an English Chartered Accountant and trained lawyer, he has extensive experience of running businesses in Europe (over 20 years in multinational groups in CFO positions) as well as in his own companies.  If he does not know the answer to your question, then some-one in his network of contacts will.

A Virtual Office at ARS VIVENDI – from €150 per month (net of VAT).