Memmingen – the gateway to the Allgäu

Memmingen conjures up images of ancient city walls, gateways, towers, churches and intricate building facades.  It is a town full of history – 850 years of it.  It lies in an area know as the “Baroque Street”, an area where there is an ancient Castle or Schloss standing on every hill.

When travelling in the central European region, one must pass by Memmingen.  The town stands on the crossroads of the A7 and A96 highways and so is situated on the main route between the North of Germany, Munich, Switzerland, Austria & Italy.  One often sees as many Swiss, Dutch and Italian number plates as German.

It is town of many facets – a colourful history that reaches into today on the one hand, and a strong modern commercial center on the other.

Business Center Ars Vivendi Memmingen, Germany Munich Stuttgart Switzerland Austria

The Town Hall and Central Park is only three minutes’ walk from the Villa Bux, and two minutes’ from the Market Place and Town Centre.

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Memmingen for Business

Memmingen Europas-Zentrum

The headquarters of ARS VIVENDI Enterprises GmbH is located on the green edge of the second largest contiguous industrial area in Swabia.

The city of Memmingen has continuously developed its northern industrial area at the intersection of the A7 and A96 highways through a farsighted land and planning policy and has created a modern infrastructure to meet demand on an area of approx. 300 hectares at considerable expense. Well-known Memmingen companies have settled on Dr.-Karl-Lenz-Straße. The Memminger Brauerei AG (Memmingen Brewery) has found its location alongside companies from the commercial and industrial sectors such as Baumaschinen Stetter, Seil- und Hebetechnik Pfeifer and Hans Kolb Wellpappe.

Buzil, Gienger, Thomas and the Memminger MedienCentrum were also located on Fraunhoferstraße, north of the A96 freeway. The British luxury brand Aston Martin built its second branch in Bavaria in the northern industrial estate. With the Dachser Allgäu branch, Gebrüder Weiss, freight forwarders Honold/Epple and Kolb, an increasing number of companies from the logistics sector have also settled at this important traffic interface. The companies Gebrüder Weiss and Dachser have also expanded in recent times.

Memmingen’s has a diversified structure highly suited to medium-sized businesses, and provides work for over 27,000 people.